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Felipe Borrero

Growing up in the New York City area, Felipe Borrero was accustomed to hearing Jazz music from the radio stations as well as the Salsa music from his Puerto Rican neighborhood. 
As a young boy, he used to go to watch the holiday parades in New York City and was drawn to the Trumpets and Trombones proclaiming their presence, hearing them echo off the walls of the buildings. 
He thought then what a powerful sound and declaration of holidays and celebration. Felipe was then introduced to Jazz, Latin Jazz, Cha Cha’s, Bolero’s and Salsa. 
What a spiritual musical awakening for him.

El Tiburon

Sharing the stage with such notables as guitar legend Carlos Santana, Los Van Van, Cubanisimo, Trombone Shorty and Dirty Dozen Brass Band has been a great journey and a dream come true. 
There are many many more but not enough space to list them all. Felipe has worked locally here in Austin, the Music Capital of the World with several projects; “The Brew”, “Kiko y La Banda”, “Rey Arteaga w/Son y No Son”, and Mambo Blue. 
He also founded and is a manager/player with the following projects “Big Band Tejano”, “Trio 2 to 1”, “Salsa Amistad”, “Trio4mas” and “Tiburon”.

El Tiburon Music

When Johnny Hernandez of Little Joe, Johnny y la Familia comes to Texas to perform Felipe is his musical director hiring the musicians, penning the arrangements and working out all the logistics to put on a great presentation. 
Felipe is a 2009 Latin Grammy award winner and was nominated again in 2013.  He was also honored and awarded entry into the Idolos del Barrio Music Hall of Fame in Austin, Tx in 2012.
There are 108 recordings to his credit of which he’s played trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, hand percussion and background vocals. 
You will find Felipe performing with duo’s, trio’s and up to a 12 piece band. Genre’s represented are Salsa, Merengue, Latin Jazz, Jazz, Brazilian, Colombian and Jazz Ballads for restaurant venues.